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CBD E-liquids

CBD E-liquids allow you to deliver the goods to your body by inhaling them with a vaporizer pen or E-cigarette.  This is an excellent on-the-go and social way of getting your daily dose and is believed to be one of the quickest methods of feeling its effects.  Not to mention we have got some amazing flavours to choose from.  If you are just starting out, begin with a low dose and work your way up gradually.  Inhale as you normally would but hold for about 15 seconds for maximum absorption.  For us, the consideration of your health is paramount, which is why our vape juice contains nothing but the cleanest and purest ingredients that are safe for inhaling. 

 All of our products are tobacco free. 

***The flavour profiles of our vape liquids are ultra delicious and can cause cravings.  Have a snack prepared or you may want to sort yourself out with some of our edibles***