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CBD Oils

CBD Oil is a convenient and no fuss method of getting your daily dose.  Just drop/spray it under your tongue for fast absorption and ideally hold it there for a minute.  Full disclosure: there may be drool.  It can be taken on the go and throughout the day as needed.  If this sounds like the method for you, then boy have we got you covered.  We carry a wide range of products, varying in potency, to support your specific needs.  

Where to start? If you are new to CBD we would recommend a lower strength, about 2%-4% potency and take up to 5 drops twice per day.  Keep in mind, factors such as weight will influence what your appropriate dosage is, however, it is safe to play around until you find your sweet spot. Once you've selected the correct dosage, choose a product that is in line with your preferences.  Some cater to those looking for a vegan or gluten, preservative and chemical free option.  Or if au natural is more your speed we carry raw, cold pressed and 100% natural oils.