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Why Respecting Your Body Is So Important and How CBD Can Help

Posted by Kat LaBerge on



It has slowly become the norm in society to become more and more disconnected from our bodies.  I'd bet if you looked around right now you would find yourself in an environment that is unrecognisable to the one humans originally came.  With all the good the extra stimulus of modern society brings, it also drives a wedge between us and our bodies.  Which is detrimental because how well you take care of your body determines how well you experience life.  It takes sustained effort to keep on top of your health but is perhaps the most important objective one could have and here's why.      


Treating Your Body Well Keeps Your Mind Sharp.


The health of your mind is dependent upon the health of your body.  Treating your body well by exercising and keeping fit is known to boost brain power and feel good emotions.  And we've all experienced first hand the clarity that comes with a solid night's rest and, unfortunately for yourself and everyone around you, the mental unravelling that comes with sleep deprivation.  It is not surprising then, that the diet you maintain affects the state of your mind as well.  The gut and the brain communicate openly and when one is in distress the other gets thrown off kilter too.  So its important to feed the mind with a well rounded, nutrient dense and whole food diet.  Your sharp mind will love you for it.


Your Body Is Your Vehicle for Experiencing Life

Your body is your direct link to how you experience life. Do you want to be a Ferrari or a dumpster on wheels?  Maybe right now you're terrified to look in the centre console and that engine light that's been on for 3 years will probably sort itself out, right?   When you're lethargic and not in top shape, you hardly want to get off the couch.  Let alone build the life for yourself that you dream of having.  And it makes sense because how are you going to achieve much if you can't first look after something as fundamental as your body?  Treating your body like your most prize possession is step 1; it tells the world you are serious and ready for success in all other forms.       


It's All Connected

In Eastern cultures it is believed that emotional pain that is not processed properly can get stuck in the body and fester into chronic ailments or tensions.  So it is important to work through tensions and address discomforts.  Practices like yoga or martial arts and treatments like massage and acupuncture help to bring these issues to the surface to allow you to do away with them.  This is something I have experienced first hand and can thank the betterment of my life for.  Pain or illness is a signal that the body sends you when something is not right, it's merely a symptom and not the root problem, which is what needs to be treated.  To really take care of your body, to really know it and listen to it, is to master your life.  To ignore it and mistreat it is to hold yourself back and hide from issues that need to be addressed. 


CBD is a remarkable resource we have been provided with.  When taken, it is received and distributed through your enteric nervous system which directly or indirectly links up to every major system in your body.  It is far from a fad and should be revered as the potent whole-body super vitamin that it is.  A group of people who had survived terminal illnesses, were asked what they accredited healing their bodies to.  Amongst multiple other unanimous answers such as, radical transformation of diet, adequate sleep and exercise.  Taking natural herbs and supplements was seen as a contributing factor.  This isn't to claim that CBD will necessarily cure illnesses or reattach severed limbs but utilising them is incredibly useful.


To take CBD means to take the health of your body, the health of your mind and therefore the enjoyment of your life, seriously.  And it is gladly our mission and our purpose to get you there.




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