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The Importance of Sleep and How to Feel More Rested

Posted by Kat LaBerge on



Sleep is fundamental to leading a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.  Sleep to the body is what charging the battery is to your phone.  Without it we would simply cease to function.  While you sleep your body restores and revitalise itself, like repairing cells, storing newly learned information and improving brain function.  If the body is interrupted during this time, it can't ensure for yourself appropriate energy, mental alertness, joyful emotions, or maintenance of physical appearance, focusing just on basics in order to survive.  Luckily, in today's society we have enough resources to almost never have to go into survival mode.  If lack of sleep goes on long enough, it can build up and lead to major health problems resulting in depression, a potentially shortened life and most unfortunately, a life not fully lived.  


Tips For A More Restful Sleep


  1. Avoid eating large quantities of food 3 hours before bed.  This is essential for your body to get the maximum out of your rest because if it's taking up time and resources to digest food, it can't complete other tasks within the night.  If you have a high metabolism or feel starved then by all means have a tiny snack so you can go to bed comfortably.
  2. Avoid screens before bed.  Set a time that you are going to stop using screened electronics every night and stick to it.  Do what you can, 2 hours is ideal as this is when the brain begins to produce melatonin, a sleeping inducing drug.  Even if you can manage one hour or even 30 minutes, that is a good start.
  3. Create a nightly routine for yourself.  Make it something you look forward to doing every night to wind down.  This could be a hot shower, a warm CBD infused drink or a good book.  Each time you do it, it will strengthen the queue to your brain that it's time to shut down for the night.
  4. Consider trying meditation.  Sometimes, the biggest barrier between you and your sleep is your mind chatting away.  Meditation aims to help you conquer your mind, and therefore your thoughts, and not the other way around as it so often is.  This helps you manage stress and anxiety far better and achieve more success at night and in your personal waking hours.
  5. Incorporate CBD into your nightly routine.  It's the perfect compliment to relaxation.  Again, your body clock will begin to take note of the CBD with some regularity and even further strengthen the correlation that it's time for sleep.  Try a tea, drink recipe or any other form of CBD that suits.


For many people, proper rest is just a few simple lifestyle adjustments away yet lack of sleep is still rampant, particularly within the western world.  Perhaps this is because the  immediate results of these practices are so subtle compared to the immediate gratification of social media, television or unnecessary snacking.  But like anything truly worth earning, it takes time, effort and patience with yourself.  Eventually, it will be plain to see that getting proper sleep and down time is no less important than the very actions you take towards your goals during the day. 


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