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4 Characteristics That Make a Top Quality CBD Oil

Posted by Kat LaBerge on


Scientist holding Cannabis leaf and CBD oil bottle


There is no denying that CBD is an amazing supplement and that it is starting to take the world by storm.  Because it is such a new and fast growing industry which has yet to establish solid regulations and industry standards.  It can be hard to know if what you are buying is the real deal, despite what crafty marketing has to say.  So we've compiled some pointers to help you identify high-quality CBD from its low quality counterparts when selecting CBD oil for sale online


  1. Where and How The Hemp Is Grown


Lets begin at the roots.  Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant and is often used for harvesting CBD oil because it contains such low THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol i.e. what gets people high) content.  How and where your hemp is grown is crucial, as it is a “hyperaccumulator” which means it is highly sensitive to the environment and soil it is grown in and will absorb most of its qualities.  Hemp should be grown in non-toxic, high quality soil that is free from harmful pesticides.  Some low grade CBD brand's oil has been found to contain harmful heavy metals like mercury and lead, making it unsafe to consume.


Most brands have good intentions but you still have to be careful in this new and fast-growing industry.  If an oil seems ridiculously cheap, then it's probably too good to be true and is of low grade and potentially unsafe.  More expensive doesn't necessarily mean better but remember you can not put a price on your health.  Look for labels that say things like “organic” or “chemical free” and look for hemp that is grown in regions that are known to be safe.  Or browse our shop which contains only CBD sourced from responsibly grown hemp.


  1. The Extraction Process


The process of extraction is how manufacturers go about removing the oil from the hemp plant.  Again, cheaper brands may use toxic solvents as a means to achieve this, including propane, hexane and butane.  These are sometimes used for gas stoves and are all hydrocarbon gases found in petroleum- so obviously these should not be ingested into the body!  This is not overly common but buyers should be aware of the potential risks.  Responsible suppliers will use pharmaceutical grade ethanol, which is basically grain alcohol, to remove any unnecessary toxins and residues from the hemp plant.  Alternatively, the “supercritical Co2 extraction” or “cold press” method is used.  This uses more expensive equipment and expertise, involving putting Co2 under high pressure in an extremely cold environment to achieve the purest extraction.  Both methods aim to preserve as many cannabinoids in the oil as possible for quality and safety purposes.


All of our online CBD products are sourced from the most reputable manufacturers, using the safest and best extraction procedures available on the market. 


  1. Full Spectrum Vs. Isolates         


The difference between these two is that full spectrum oils include all the properties and cannabinoids, including CBD, within the hemp plant.  Isolate oils contain nothing but pure CBD.  Although there are a number of reasons why people may prefer isolates, developing research is shedding light on the fact that when cannabidiol properties work together in a full spectrum oil they have a synergising effect within the body.  This is called the “entourage effect”.  This more holistic use of the plant may be the more beneficial way to go as you are utilizing all the hemp plant's properties instead of isolating a single facet. 


We still believe that isolates can be an excellent option for some, depending on people's bodies and various needs.  So we carry a range of full/broad spectrum oils and the isolates we do carry are of the purest quality and pack some serious herbaceous power. 


  1. Third Party Lab Test Results


Any reputable CBD brand will open and willingly offer their third party lab results to the public.  This is when a non-biased lab with no association with the product or brand will test the CBD for potency, quality, impurities etc.  You should always be able to gain easy access to these results and should completely avoid products who don't have third party testing or aren't willing to provide lab results.  Each and every single one of our products have been tested by third parties and the results are glowing! We've got nothing to hide. 


We highly recommend that when buying CBD you do your research and make sure your selection is a safe, properly sourced and effective choice.  However, we've already weeded through the vast number of options available for CBD in the UK and shelved only the products that tick every quality box.  So you can feel confident that you're getting the top tier of CBD on the market.  At the end of the day your health is the top priority, so keep these tips in mind wherever you shop in the future.           


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